Scenic Stamping Gallery
Tonya Weakley is Peddlers Den's Scenic Stamping specialist and instructor. We are blessed to have customers traveling in from all over the USA to attend her classes and retreats. Scenic stamping takes many images and seamlessly blends them into "scenes". These can be large or small, simple or complex, humorous, traditional or modern. One thing for sure, you never get bored. Your stamping collection creates something new every time you use it! This page shows some samples of this work.

We are in the process of developing an eCommerce site which will eventually offer online classes, providing the opportunity for those who are unable to travel to us to still participate in classes....stay tuned for more information!


Sunsets & Evening Skies

Northwest Territories

This is from my class called "Afternoon Delight"
Reminiscent of lazy, dreamy summer days of childhood.
Includes stamps from various companies.

Southern Comfort

Hot Tropics
Hot tropics scenes take you to the exotic land of palms, grass huts, spear fishermen and more. The color scheme is HOT, and relies heavily on red and/or opposite colors on the color wheel. The colors are primarily dramatic and aggressive.



Night Scenes
These scenes are night scenes, and include images from several of our "scenic" companies.


Aged & Antiqued --White on Kraft
Some of these are single images, while others are scenes built with many images. The theme is an aged or antiqued look featuring monochromatic values. Contrast makes it beautiful. I was previously a black and white artist, specializing in pencil, charcoal and pen and ink. This is a comfortable technique, reminiscent of those days!





Color Pencil Artwork



Humorous Scenic Stamping
Scenic stamping is known for its beauty. However, sometimes we just have to have some fun! We often include images that add some humor to our scenes!






Moon Over Brookside Falls features foaming, bubbly water and is embellished with ultra fine glitter.
Sailboat In Foggy Lagoon, which features very heavy fog, sharp foreground and gray, less distinct background. The yellow highlights show the sun is just rising, and is not high enough in the sky (yet) to burn off the thick fog.
Long and thin scenes (above) are a fun shape and
can be mailed using a standard
#10 business envelope.

The card above was an experiment. It is Copic markers on coated cardstock. I was told it
couldn't be done, so of course I had to try it!
I made it work, but I don't plan to do it again.

Back to the Beginning was done fast, and purely for fun! All of the color was created using the tonal applicator and ink pads, nothing else. This was how I colored everything for years, and it is fun to return to that technique from time to time!

Shutter Card

To make this shutter card I first created a Stampscapes scene that was 8.5"x11". Turns out I needed 5.25"x10", so I had some extra to cut off. I took the navy blue linen cardstock and made the card base. Then I took my scene and cut it up into the appropriate sized strips. I left 1/8" navy blue margin showing all the way around each scene panel. Finally, I embellished this with ultra fine glitter (very hard to see in the scan). When this is folded up it fits in a standard A2 envelope, and the Gratitude verse shows on the front. When opened you see the Thank you and signature. The card can be made for any occasion.

Framable Art

The scenes at the left are samples of large, frameable scenes. With masking and scene building, you can create even larger scenes!

Hand Blended Backgrounds
This technique utilizes slow drying inks on coated cardstock. Color is blended and pulled, keeping highlights. Bold images are stamped on top of the
backgrounds in either black, brown or white. Other techniques can be used to enhance texture. No two cards will ever be exactly the same; so much fun!!


Shown above is Loon on Stampboard, and a fusion technique scene with images from Stampscapes.


Winter Scenes
Winter scenes are monochromatic, reflecting the lack of color present during the winter season in our northern states. They feature bare branched trees, harsh mountain peaks and fir trees. Life still exists in this cold, dormant world, and that is illustrated by the deer that venture in. The cards are embellished with transparent glitter, to enhance the icy, snowy season and the sun glinting off of it.

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